The Devastating News Broke Her. She’s Barely Hanging On.



A call came to Chester in the middle of the night. A desperate voice relayed an urgent message.

His client, Grace Lu, was calling from the hospital. Her son Jeffrey was in a coma with a failing liver.


It left the usually staid man shaken to the core.

Grace and her family were more than just clients to Chester. In fact, they were his very first.


As a young banker on the job twenty-five years ago, prospective clients were far and few. But the Lu family took a chance on him.

Since then, Chester has been by their side through thick and thin. He celebrated as they successfully grew their transportation business, mourned when Mr Lu passed an early death.


They built their relationship on friendship and trust, and now, in this tragic time, Chester would honour his promise to Mr Lu.


Looking out for Grace included delivering difficult advice. Especially when Chester and his team realised that selling the company her husband started was the best decision for her.

Still, he pressed on to make sure that Grace was well taken care of. And with Chester’s plan, Grace found the courage and confidence to carry on.

Watch ‘SPARKS – Ep 7’ (A mini-series from DBS) by David Tsui (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘SPARKS’ is a mini-series by DBS Bank and this episode was inspired by a real life incident in the bank. This is the seventh in the mini-series. Catch the on-going trials and tribulations of the team of young bankers here.

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