Devouring World Cultures Starting With A Plate



Jayne and Nigel begin their travels by mapping out places to eat. Be it street food, restaurants or hosted home-cooked meals, they experience the world on a plate.


It’s this same curiosity and passion that fuels their own time in the kitchen.


Jayne isn’t keen on replicating meals from her childhood, because her parents do it so much better. What she wants from dining or cooking, is a new experience.



There are no weekly meals planned in their home. Instead, the menu is dictated by what they find in the market. By pairing fresh produce and meat with their spices curated from their travels, the result is soul food that shows off their enthusiasm for devouring and sharing world cultures.


Tonight, she has prepared a feast for her friends. On the table is a chicken stew with fruits that combine sweet and savoury flavours, a reflection of their time in Morocco, and pumpkin with Berbere, a spice native to Ethiopian food.


As exotic as the spices are on the palate, they believe that food cooked from the heart can be familiar and comforting, just like mom’s cooking.

Watch ‘Memories On A Plate: Ep 5 – The World On A Plate’ by Ng Yiqin (Singapore) on Viddsee:

The World On A Plate is the fifth episode of the Memories On A Plate social documentary series, featuring Singaporeans and their intimate stories and memories of food. The five-episode series will feature personal family histories and collective heritage from a 91 year-old Hokkien grandfather, migrant workers from South India, a Malay grandmother and her grandson, a chef with a hawker background and a newly-wedded couple.

Memories On A Plate is part of the Viddsee Voices project to develop original films that explore with local content creators issues commonly overlooked in our society.

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