He Wants Her To Keep The Baby. She’s Not So Sure.



The dark red blood dripped between Marcela’s thighs.

The young teen was unfocused while prepping for dinner, and the meat had gotten too close to her dress.


The source of her preoccupied mind laid beneath the stained fabric, a seed growing in her womb.

She hid the secret from her father, while she weighed her choices.


Her boyfriend whispered promises of their future together as a family. But Marcela considered alternative plans, a way to fix this mistake.


She wished her mother was around for support, especially after she made up her mind and made her move.

As bloody rivulets flowed, she felt the loving embrace of her mother once more.


And she was lonely no more.

Watch ‘Doll And Silence’ by Carol Rodrigues (Brazil) on Viddsee:

‘Doll and Silence’ has travelled extensively to international film festivals and was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the International Boat Of Culture Festival in Polonia, as well as Best Director award in 2 Raipur Short Film Festival, India.

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