Don’t Judge An Animal By Its Adorable Face. Sloths Are The Worst.


7 Slothly Sins SS_05

When you think of the idea of sins in the animal kingdom, certain animals come to mind. Deceitful snakes and greedy crows are the stereotypes, along with the crafty foxes and wrathful sharks of the world.

But never sloths.

7 Slothly Sins SS_01

Which is a total oversight, as this short film shows.

7 Slothly Sins SS_02

They may appear cuddly and adorable, but boy, are they capable of committing vicious sins. They’re selfish schemers capable of mass-sloth destruction.

7 Slothly Sins SS_03

Don’t fall prey to their cuteness… even if it does make you feel like forgiving them immediately.

Watch ‘Seven Slothy Sins’ by Chrissy Lim (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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