This Is Why You Don’t Kill The Internet



Wendy found her next door neighbour Jun An locked out of the house, idling by the corridor in the dark.


She was new to the neighbourhood, but she took him in and tried to get to his family. The boy only took her mobile phone, wordlessly, and tried to fight her back when she reached for it.

She didn’t want to be responsible for a strange boy, and just tried to make sure that he got to school safely the next day.


Wendy was caught by surprise again when Jun An’s teacher sat her down about an incident in school. Jun An had reacted violently when his tablet — her tablet — was taken from him.

When his relative returned home later, Jun An walked back next door with her tablet in hand.


The kid next door craved for connection, desperately, with a sinister end.

Watch Connection by Chian Tingen (Singapore) on Viddsee:

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