This Dragon Playground Is A Goldmine Of Lost Memories, Toys And Joy!


Vicky Rewrte SS2 Lengthwise

These two brothers revisit a neighbourhood playground to fulfil a promise they made to their mum at her deathbed.

Their pet hamster was buried here years ago. Inexplicably, they made a promise to exhume this hamster, Vicky. It’s not a task they’re both looking forward to, but they soon begin digging the sandpits.

Vicky Rewrte SS3 Lengthwise

There’s a time in your life when the playground is your world. Returning to such places and moments, that’s always a joy. And then, their dread became pure, unadulterated joy.

Vicky Rewrte SS4 Lengthwise

They rediscovered some great memories. Maybe that’s what their mum wished for them.

Watch ‘Vicky’ by Royston Tan (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This was filmed at one of the four remaining ‘Dragon Playgrounds’ in Singapore, a public housing design of the 1970s and 1980s that featured local and cultural themes in its playgrounds.

There are only a handful of these iconic playgrounds remaining in Singapore. They were typically made of concrete terrazzo and mosaic, and inspired by nursery rhymes, local heritage, fruits, and vehicles. They were designed by the Housing Development Board (HDB)’s resident designer Khor Ean Ghee.

Visit the National Heritage Board’s website for more on the playground and its designer.

Watch this documentary ‘Pulau Ubin’ by Eugene Chin, about an island in Singapore that has only 38 inhabitants

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