Drama At The Dinner Table, A Special Chinese New Year Collection


This Chinese New Year collection has all the familiar dishes: soups, pork, stews, tears and fears.

Drama is a staple at the dining table, uniting and tearing families apart. There’s the passive-aggressive relationship, the inevitable serving of filial piety, bitter words and truth that are hard to swallow, the strangers that become family and the family that become strangers.

And there’s longing, emotional goodbyes, love and reconciliation, all the bittersweet of family life.

Together 4 krk.jpg

A retired cop takes in a young thief into his home, a boy who unexpectedly stole his heart, and gives him a second chance to be a father, and a bid at redemption. Watch ‘Together’


Pork Guy krk.jpg

This estranged son who’s an ex convict is forced to return to the family’s butcher business, living by the edge of his mum’s nerves and cleaver. Watch ‘Pork Guy’


Ashes krk-5877430f.jpg

Three firefighters spend a night filled with prank calls, indignity and humiliation on Chinese New Year eve, trying to find a spark to keep their passion alive. Watch ‘Ashes’



What does an expectant daughter-in-law eat? Well, let the mother-in-law tell you: chicken testicles. Watch ‘Chicken & Pregnant’


Closer Apart 2 krk.jpg

A father with adult, grown children runs away from home, on the eve of Chinese New Year. His family never missed him when he was there, and maybe they’d only miss him when he’s gone. Watch ‘Closer Apart’


The Day Before 2 krk.jpg

This is a night of longing and hope, as this elderly couple fight off tears and a looming death to prepare for their annual singing competition. Watch ‘The Last Day’


Hikikomori krk.jpg

This son avoided family life as long as he could, until he found that the truth about his mother’s bitter words and guilt would be harder to swallow than plain, cold rice. Watch ‘Hikikomori’


The Absence 4 krk.jpg

Filial piety is easy to preach, and judgements can casually be made about sending elderly parents to old folks’ homes. This dilemma is presented from a son’s point of view, with truly powerful and emotional delivery. Watch ‘The Absence’


Move Out Notice krk-5877430f.jpg

A passive-aggressive mother and daughter pair resort to writing notes to each other instead of talking. It looks more aggressive than passive, but it’s pure comedy. Watch ‘Move Out Notice’


One Night At My Mother's krk.jpg

A Chinese family finds themselves lost in translation in Paris, celebrating Chinese New Year’s Eve with soupe de boeuf (beef soup) instead of boeuf bourguignon, pining for homeland and forgotten dreams. Watch ‘One Night At My Mothers’


After The Storm 2 krk.jpg

A single mother with two children finds no relief, as she’s always picking up the pieces of her life. Her grief doesn’t end, as their Chinese New Year eve dinner becomes a raging, emotional storm. Watch ‘After The Storm’


Farewell Summer krk.jpg

A young boy’s school holiday is ruined when his ailing grandmother comes to stay. He’s irritated and annoyed, but sharing this holiday and his bed would be a memory he’ll have for life. Watch ‘Farewell Summer’


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