He Dredged This Sea-Creature Out Of Sea. He Wanted To Be Friends Forever.


Tulkou ss7 krk.jpg

The old fisherman Papoo dredged a creature from the deep sea. It was half-sea creature, half man, and a complete surprise and delight to his sedentary life.

He wanted teach it his ways, to do everything together. He wanted to be best friends forever.

Tulkou ss6 krk.jpg

It was deteriorating before his eyes, but he was blind.

Tulkou ss3 krk.jpg

Slowly, Papoo realised that it will have a watery end.

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‘Tulkou’ won Best Virtual Creation at Festival de Villeurbanne, Golden Star at Le Festival Cinéma dans les Étoiles, Special Mention at Athens Animafest, and has screened at numerous international film festivals.

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