Drinking & Driving Is Not A Joke. Here’s A Spirited Message On It.


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If you’ve ever tried rationalising with a drunk person, you’ll know it can be quite futile.

But shock can always be a sobering.

Of the 330 million deities worshipped in India, perhaps the most feared one is Yamaraj, the god of death who comes for your soul when your time is up.

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And sometimes he teams up with the unlikeliest of partners.

Watch the shock patrons at a bar had when they got into their cars after an evening of drinks and realized that they had company. In the form of Yamaraj!

Watch ‘Drink & Get Driven’ by Zara:

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But Yamaraj hadn’t come for their souls. He was just delivering a reminder.

This video was made by Zara, a popular tapas bar in the South Indian city of Chennai, in association with the Traffic Police.

In a country where most road fatalities are caused by drunk driving, this sure is a novel way to get the message across!

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