A Drive Through Seedy Manila & A Detour Straight To Hell


American Serial Killer SS2 KRK

He picked the wrong guy to mess with.

A chatty cabbie picks up a stone-faced American, claiming to know the ins and outs of Manila.

He suggest a detour to their destination, an unconventional route, but the American doesn’t flinch.

American Serial Killer SS1 KRK

This mysterious passenger unleashed his true terror when a carjack attempt was staged.

He’s not someone you wanna prank.

Watch ‘American Serial Killer In Manila’ by Mikhail Red (Philippines) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains violence, and a sickly satisfying joy of watching pranksters get pranked.

This short film was released ahead of a full-length feature film, which is currently under development.

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