Her Family Will Be Sleeping On The Street, Unless She Betrays Her Son


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Saman’s family is forced to leave their home because they don’t have proper documentation. His father and older brother cannot find shelter for the family.

To make matters worse, his mother is pregnant.

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In a twist of events, Saman’s mother sees a glimmer of hope when Saman befriends a waffle maker.

It’s an opportunity to be safe from the authorities. It’s up to her to protect her family.

Pregnant and desperate, Saman’s mother makes more demands, only to be rejected.

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At this point, their survival is threatened.

His mother does the best by her family to secure their own stability, but by doing so, she betrays her son.

Nan 002 krk

The betrayal is so deep that it may change them forever.

Watch ‘Nan’ by Sahim Omar Kalifa (Belgium) on Viddsee:

Nan was Sahim Omar Kalifa’s graduation thesis at the Sint-Lukas film school in Brussels, Belgium.

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