Table For One? No, I’m Waiting For Someone.


A New Man ss5 krk

Charles sat and waited on strangers.

Anyone who hesitated at the door would be waved over. And he pretended to be everyone — a date, a potential recipient of a lawsuit, a drug pusher, and the third person disrupting a happy marriage.

It was a new routine he had to make human connection after his wife left him.

A New Man ss4 krk

A New Man ss2 krk

He was addicted to this human connection business. He wouldn’t stop at the game, even if it meant a punch in the face.

He was a new man, everyday.

Watch ‘A New Man’ by Hughes William Thompson (US) on Viddsee:

Based on the short story ‘Healthy Start’ by Etgar Keret. More about the director here.

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