Each Animal Has A Role In Nature. Some Are Cruelly Denied Their Right.



That poaching of animals occur in Southeast Asia is not a groundbreaking story.

The statistics of this cruel reality fill the corner pages of newspapers and the nightly news ticker tape feed, a sad reflection of its place on the fringes of society.


But watch this impassioned plea from a Laos filmmaker, and feel your injustice rise.

He has watched his motherland’s dense greenery dwindle to burnt empty ranges. The only animals available anymore are those in the market, bodies cold and splayed open for trade.


The situation is dire, the damage done, but Visanouphone believes that it’s not too late to right our wrongs.

Watch ‘Same Home’ by Visanouphone Shengpompet (Laos) on Viddsee:

‘Same Home’ was awarded 2nd place in the American Film Week in Laos. It is also part of our Luang Prabang Film Festival channel. To view more films from Laos, click here.

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