Each Scar Is A Mark Of Achievement


Vaseline Pow-Li-Sharp-final
Madam Lee has been sharpening blades for more than 40 years now. The work leaves her hands with no fingerprints, only scars. Blade sharpening is a job where the gloves come off.


She feels out the sharpness of the blade, running her bare fingers against the edge. Expertise in sharpening blades takes a lot of experience and endurance. The journey has not always been easy.

At the start of her career, customers complained she did not meet their expectations. They preferred her father’s work. But every criticism drove Madam Lee to improve her craft over the years. Criticisms are positive feedback, fuel for improvement.

The effort has paid off. Madam Lee now continues her family tradition of sharpening blades to the best of her abilities. It is a skill she honed to provide customers the edge they need.

Vaseline_Pow Li

She is proud of the scars she bears — “They represent my achievements.”

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