He Gave His Life To A Holy Cause, But He Is Still Just A Man


Tale of Rebellious Stone SS_3a

He has a work of art to sculpt, a vision to make real, a goddess to render incarnate.

A devout sculptor spends his days painstakingly reconstructing a heavenly tableau. He lugs stone blocks up the stairs to his room, and worshipfully chisels away towards perfection.

Tale of Rebellious Stone SS_01

Nothing can tempt him from his celestial calling, not even the brothel next door. Pastors, priests, and monks may fall, but not him. He remains as steadfast as the stone he carves.

But even stone cracks.

Tale of Rebellious Stone SS_03

The more he labours, the more he finds himself transformed, turning slowly into the very substance at which he slaves away. More statue than man.

Doubt stirs. Desire awakens. His resolve weakens.

Tale of Rebellious Stone SS_2a

As he continues to chip away at his divine duty, he grows maddeningly more aware of the unholy pleasures taking place on the other side of the wall.

Watch ‘Tale Of A Rebellious Stone’ by Ng Kai-chung & Ng Tsz-ching (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

Viewer discretion: Contains nudity and sexual content. Not safe for work.

‘Tale Of A Rebellious Stone’ is part of our ifva channel on Viddsee.

This short film won the Gold Award in the Animation Category at the ifva Award 2014, the top prize in the Hong Kong region at the 15th TBS Digicon6 Awards, and Animation – Excellent Works at Asiagraph 2013.

It was in the official selection at the International Animation Festival Of Brazil, Shenzhen Independent Animation Biennale, Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest 2014, the Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival, and in the Jury Recommendation at the South Taiwan Film Festival.

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