It Was Easy To Take Her Mum For Granted. Until It Was Too Late.


Linger SS5

A mom’s work is never done. In the quiet of the afternoons, even when no one is at home, a stay-at-home continues with her chores.

Ming realises this only after the passing of her mom as she grapples with her absence. She goes through her deceased mother’s belongings and gets a glimpse into what her mother’s life really was.

Her wants, her hopes, her unfulfilled desires.

Linger SS2

Dresses that were bought but never worn. Recipes cut out of magazines and compiled together. An old newspaper cutting of holiday tour packages for families.

Her father is grieving the loss differently. They don’t necessarily get along. But they bond in their memories of her.

Watch ‘Linger’ by Beeli Sim (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘Linger’ was the official selection at the 3rd Vancouver Singapore Film Festival, the 2010 Damah Film Festival in Hiroshima, the 2010 Corto Tokyo CON-CAN Movie Festival, the 29th San Francisco International Film Festival and the Sinema Showoff! The Oriental Show.

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