Fad Diets Come And Go, But This One Is A Bit More Permanent


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“You eat like a pig” very often refers to uncivilised behaviour at the dining table, although it’s known that the porcine animals are generally misunderstood.

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In this sci-fi universe, “eating like a pig” was not only acceptable, it was a chic dietary phenomenon popularised by a famous pop icon. Thousands lined up to transplant their digestive organs with pig organs, transforming how they eat, and what they eat.

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This is Patient Zero’s account of the breakthrough medical procedure that initially saved him from colon cancer, but went on to become a fad novelty treatment.

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If only they knew about the side effects — an insatiable appetite that is positively inhumane.

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Directed by Andrew Cividino, based on a short story by Yann Martel. Andrew’s short film won Most Promising Director of a Short Film at the Vancouver International Film Festival and the winner of Toronto International Film Festival’s TIFF Presents Canada’s Top Ten.

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