She Was The Elder Sister. She Gave In, Gave Her Brother The Best.


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The elder child should always give in — that’s a common refrain in many households.

As the elder sister, Huilin learnt that she just had to get used to the idea. Her younger brother was more talented, more promising, and had better potential. She just had to give in.

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But she wasn’t going to give up with a fight, even in her tender age. She snubbed and fussed and cried for being sidelined. But when their parents passed on, Huilin let on, supporting her brother all the way.

He had a dream — to be a world renown composer and musician. He made it; she made it happen.

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He knew the extent of her sacrifice, but did not realise that these circumstances how it damaged her future.

There was no way in the world he could show his gratitude. But no words were needed, he had a song.

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