Uncertainty Is Scary But Learn And Embrace Change


Let’s not be too harsh on ourselves. It’s normal for humans to be afraid of the unknown.

We wouldn’t want to jump into a pool of water if we can’t be sure of its depth. We wouldn’t want to take the leap if we are uncertain about the prospects of a new job.

Essentially, we will work to ensure our lives to be in a stable and predictable state to achieve a longer-lasting life. It’s a vital survival skill.

Just like Uncle Lim in this film ‘Bak Gia’, who owns an optical shop that has been running for decades. Uncle Lim’s way of living over the years has been working well.


Uncle Lim has perfected his craft over the decades having made countless spectacles for generations of people in the neighborhood without much aid from the latest technology

However, our inclination to hold on to stability in life becomes problematic when our fear system kicks in every time we face uncertainties.


Uncle Lim’s business was definitely in need of some creative solutions

Why The Fear Of The Unknown Is A Double-edged Sword

Science has proven that our fear of the unknown is a self-protection mechanism that is ingrained in us to protect ourselves from doing things that might harm us. It also helps us to stay alert to be fully engaged, fully present.

But it could also become a mental block that will make us freeze up from taking action or even stop us from learning, improving ourselves and living our lives to the fullest.

When Uncle Lim found out that Salihin, his apprentice, went behind his back to promote his business online on social media, his first reaction was fury and rejection of the idea.


Salihin was merely coming from a good place. Since making his first pair of glasses at age six with Uncle Lim, he’s been a long admirer of Uncle Lim’s skills. He saw an opportunity to help promote the business to a new audience online.


Uncle Lim confronts Salihin for creating his company social media page without letting him know

Social media is a totally unknown sphere to Uncle Lim. And when we face uncertainty, it is hard not to let the fear take over and rule our lives and actions.

Step-by-step Guide To Dissipate The Fear Of The Unknown

Fret not. Experts who have studied human psychology over the years have helped to lay out some tips we can use to overcome these natural reflexes.

  1. Understand your fear
  2. Find the cause of your fear
  3. Question your fear
  4. Accept failure as an option
  5. Ride the wave of fear
  6. Embrace the opportunity to learn and change
  7. Practice mindfulness – the key to quieting your mind!

As Nelson Mandela puts it,

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

It is only after working hard to conquer fear in life that you can reap the fruits it bears.


There were more customers at Uncle Lim’s shop after it had a social media presence

Fighting Your Inner Fear Is A Lifelong Journey

It didn’t take long for Uncle Lim to realise how much he is missing out should he not embrace the change that is needed to revive his business.


Now Uncle Lim became Salihin’s ‘student’, picking up social media from him

Once Uncle Lim put aside his stubbornness, he was all on board and eager to learn all he can about updating on social media, all thanks to Salihin! As much as Salihin was learning from Uncle Lim the tools and tricks of the optical craft trade, Uncle Lim was also learning and embracing a whole new future from his young apprentice.

As the saying goes, fear is temporary, regrets are forever! By replacing fear of the unknown with curiosity, we unknowingly open up ourselves to bountiful possibilities.

Watch ‘Bak Gia’ (Eyeglasses) by Raihan Halim (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This film ‘Bak Gia’ (Eyeglasses) was made in collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore.

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