The End Of This Video Will Make You Think Twice About Housemaids


Rumah Sendiri

Many middle-class households in Southeast Asia hire maids. Many of us grew up with maids. They’re not a luxury, but more of a necessity.

They are the unsung household heroes of our time. They keep our homes and lives running.

Enter this film by Daniel Hui that follows the life of a housemaid from the beginning of the day.

The almost excruciatingly slow pace of most of the scenes, from her entering a dark and quiet house in the early morning, to picking out the weeds of the garden makes this feature a stunningly thought-provoking art piece.

Watch ‘Rumah Sendiri’ by Daniel Hui:

It’s worth watching to the last scene for the heart-to-heart with the housemaid to learn about her backstory in just minutes.

Daniel’s film is part of our Singapore Short Cuts channel on Viddsee.

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