An Enraged Taxi Driver Realises The World Won’t Give Him The Time Of Day



Change is brewing on the horizon, and Seng thought he saw it coming.

Taxi drivers were slowly being phased out in favour of private-hire vehicles. He was sixty-five, and had no other work experience than the twenty years spent behind the wheel, plying the roads.


It was unfair that his years of service didn’t count for anything. He attended a public protest with his colleagues to make a statement, and he would rather quit than get fired.

Unable to make ends meet, he applies for a job interview at a private hire vehicle company.


But Seng gets a rude shock when the interviewer wouldn’t give him the time of day, dismissing him as being obsolete and being held back by a limited skill set.


He couldn’t move on, nor could he move forward, but he wasn’t going to hold back his rage.

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