5 Extreme Tips To Stage An Office Showdown


So your problems with HR’s bureaucracy has come to a boil. You feel undervalued by your team. You cannot stomach sexism in the office anymore.

You’ve had enough. This is it. The fight is on. Approach your opponent when his guard is down Episode 19

If you can see yourself in this slow walk into the boardroom, you know there’s no turning back.

We binge-watched this Office-style mockumentary Get Social for the perfect guide to stage a showdown! Enjoy!


#1 – SET THE STAGE. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE. A show’s not a show if there isn’t an audience. So, when you’re at the end of your tether with the sexist boss and you finally have the mind space to tick him off, make sure you have allies & witnesses.

Leonard is asked to leave, episode 12

Bullies react to peer pressure. Use it to your advantage, like how Rachel forced Leonard (her boss at ROFL) to leave a meeting in Episode 12.

NICE TO HAVE: Fierce backup! Munah and Hiriz’s intense, stone cold glares definitely sent Leonard home.

#2 – DO IT BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT. No need to refer to Maybelline on self value. Say these words out loud. Inhale. Let it seep into your psyche:

“I am not some commodity to be bought and traded at your whim and fancy! I am a human being, and I deserve to be treated with love and respect!” – Samuel Ong (Shane Mardjuki), Head of IT & Infrastructure at ROFL.

I deserve to be treated with love and respect, Sam, Episode 14

In Episode 14 Sam joined a rival after his colleagues continued to belittle him. Leonard shows up at his house with an apology, but Sam served him with ‘Good day and bye.’

NICE TO HAVE: Add finger snaps, air quotations, head roll, butt and booty rotations. For maximum effect, add some sass to it. Practice in the mirror!

#3 – STAY FOCUSED. SHUT OFF SPECTATOR COMMENTS. This is all about you. Stay focused. Shut off anyone else who tries to steal the show, like how Leonard put Wendy in her place in Episode 19.

Leonard tells Wendy to shut up, Episode 19

Leonard’s former paramour, Wendy, tries to budge in to a confrontation between Leonard and Rachel in the middle of a project pitch in Microsoft’s office project. Episode 19 the most epic episode in the series, if you can’t already tell.

TIP #4 – KEEP THE PUNCHES ROLLING. Yup, sucker punch them and dissolve in a massive mayhem. If only for the entertainment value.

Philip gets punched, Episode 19

Philip, Leonard’s nemesis and rival, taunts the Leonard-Rachel confrontation. Leonard delivers! Episode 19 gold.

NICE TO HAVE: Boldface, Impact typeface to go POW! BAM! WHAM!

#5 – MAKE IT EPIC. TWEET IT. If things don’t go as you planned, and if you know you’re going down, make it a showdown everyone remembers. If you’re going to have a meltdown it should be spectacular.

Make it epic, Episode 19

Tweet it for posterity. Make sure the junior execs hear of it in hushed tones. Get some respect, cos it takes balls to rock the boat! Especially since this scene above took place at Microsoft’s HQ. That’s no boat, nor ship. It’s a cruise liner. Yup, rock the cruise liner!

But! If we’ve convinced you that showdowns are not easy to stomach, we recommend calm negotiations and the spirit of compromise. Get a mediator. Learn breathing techniques. Take up yoga.

Better still, suck up and stay on the job, or quit the job on good terms and try to get a good recommendation when you do leave. Showdowns are fun only if you’re a spectator!

We had a lot of fun putting this together and if you enjoyed our FIVE TIPS TO SURVIVE A SHOWDOWN, you’ll definitely enjoy what inspired it — the 20-episode web series Get Social, a mockumentary based on a social media startup in Singapore called ROFL.

Here’s an introduction to the series, a character guide & a backgrounder on ROFL’s work culture.

Watch the full series here:

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