Estranged Dad Reaches Out To Son. Family Love Is Unconditional, Right?


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Just because Kit had a dad, didn’t mean he was a very good father.

Growing up, he saw his dad’s addiction to gambling drive his mother away.

And now all grown up, he’s fielding angry phone calls regarding debt payment. He’s had it with Wai, his deadbeat dad, so Kit walks out… just like his mother did.

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Years later, estranged dad and son meet again when Kit enters Wai’s taxi. With his new wife and baby on the way, he sees how far in life Kit has come.

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But he doesn’t know the scars of Kit’s childhood are still raw, with a suspicious streak and fits of anger.

Just like how Kit doesn’t know the truth behind his dad’s action when they split…

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The director says in an interview that this story was based on his real life experience:

‘I used to have a lot of conflict with my father, and in the end I left home to live on my own. While working on the script, I reflected on my relationship with my dad, and wondered what life would be like if I continued to hold a grudge against him, which is what the second part of the film is about.’

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