Ever Felt That You’re Being Watched? Maybe You Just Can’t Confirm It Yet.


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All your fears on privacy and control are brought to life in this sci-fi flick.

INmore is the largest communication and technology provider in Taiwan. They are everywhere.

They are the future, they are the engineers of the future, because they have full control of the present.

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Beneath the flashy facade is a sinister plan for control. Everyone is watched, monitored, and controlled.

One man dodged this system.

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He hears a message clearer than any mind control signal — INmore needs to be eliminated, for the sake of his people.

Gray Generations ss5 krk

He infiltrates the system, finds allies, and moves quickly to destroy the system to save his people.

Watch ‘Gray Generations’ by Wang Xiang-Sheng (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

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