Ever Wondered About That Crazy Childhood Friend Of Yours? Watch This.


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It was a boring, boring day when Joe met Neil. Neil asked if he could ride Joe’s bike. Joe agreed rather reluctantly, but that was the start of their friendship.

They were best friends. They did everything together – played, cycled, fished, swam.

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Of course, Neil was always the crazier one, but he had Joe to keep the sanity.

It’s been many many years. They are adults now, each leading his own life. Two very different lives. Based on very different life choices.

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They have drifted apart. They have nothing in common anymore. All that’s left are memories of the old days.

Joe is leaving town for good. And he keeps wondering if he should meet Neil one last time to say goodbye. Will Neil turn up?

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‘Left’ is the story of a childhood friendship and how it changed.

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‘Left’ won Best Irish short film at the 2012 Corona Cork Film Festival, the grand jury prize at the 2013 Wallabout Film Festival Brooklyn. It was shortlisted for BAFTA 2013 and its screenplay nominated for best short film script at the 2013 Irish Screenwriters and Playwrights Guild.

More about his animation process here, and check out more on his work here.

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