Every Relationship Needs Give And Take. He Just Kept On Giving.


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Kim Ji-sung couldn’t understand his mentally disabled brother.

All Ji-woon does is to play with strips of newspaper and make unintelligible sounds. So when Ji-sung is forced to tend to his brother for a few days, he tries to stay distant.

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But his patience wears thin when Ji-woon seems intent on annoying him, stealing his pillow and waking him up in wee hours of the morning.

His frustration culminates into explosive anger, into a shouting match.

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Losing his cool, Ji-sung hits his brother.

He was the giver, the provider in this relationship, and he wasn’t really expecting much in return.

But it was then when it dawned on Ji-sung that his brother always had him in his heart. All he wanted was acceptance.

Watch ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ by Fikri Jermadi (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

‘Fly Me To The Moon’ is filmmaker Fikri Jermadi’s graduation film, made while he was studying in South Korea. In a blog post detailing the process, he explains that the plot is based on his own relationship with his brother, Fazly.

The film set is an actual house belonging to an old lady, whom Fikri says reminded him of his own grandmother. He took a special fondness for the lady and featured an actual picture belonging to her as the photo that Ji-sung gazes at in the film.

As Fikri puts it: “I will never shoot a film more personal than this.”

Here’s another look at unconditional love. Watch ‘Jia’ by Jabez Koh (Singapore), a short documentary about a hoarder and his loving family.


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