Most People Take Their Jobs For Granted. Not This Grandma.


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It’s wrong. It’s just wrong.

She shouldn’t be working at her age.

She should be relaxing. Enjoying the fruits of her hard work all these years.

But she doesn’t have a choice.

She is the sole breadwinner of the family. Even at her age. She’s up at the crack of dawn, working all day to earn enough to sustain the household and send her granddaughter to school.

And just then, she gets fired from the fish market she used to work at. There are plenty of younger, stronger and quicker folks to do the job, and the boss doesn’t need her around anymore.

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Her pension is stuck in the wheels of documentation. Unless her son signs a form to say that he doesn’t give her any allowance, she can’t receive her pension. But her son has been missing for five years and she has no idea where he is.

She is given the option to declare that he’s disappeared or lost contact, but she defiantly rejects it. There is still hope in her heart. “He’s just not come back yet”, she says.

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And then there’s the granddaughter who is at an age where she doesn’t understand the real value of money and how hard her grandma works to earn it.

It’s a tough life. Some days, she encounters kindness from others, but it’s rare.

And yet, this granny will not give up without a fight. Each day may seem like a lifetime, but she is up and ready. Every day.

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