Because Everyone Deserves To Be Perfect, In Our Own Ways


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She’s her own own enemy.

This girl has committed her life to a game called Perfection. It’s a familiar story about over-achievers, a lifetime of expectations and impossibly high goals.

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And at many times at these iterations, we ask ourselves: can we really switch off? Perfection is exhausting, frustrating. But it’s always worth it… right?

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What would be the point in living, then?

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‘Perfection’ screened at many Asian American film festivals and showcases. It won New Director and New Vision Award at the LA Asian American Film Festival and Best Short Film at the Fall River Festival of the Arts in Massachusetts.

Karen was inspired by a real board game called Perfection that she played with as a child. It later became a metaphor for her life.

She reflects: “Rather than criticizing the way I was brought up, the film is about learning that there is this internal game within us, why it might be there, and understanding that we have the power to turn the game off.”

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