Three Men & Their Homesick Calls To Their Family Will Move You


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Their built your cities, your homes.

We know a lot about migrant workers: from the media, marketers, from well-meaning friends. They are mostly invisible, but their work and reason for existence isn’t.

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Here are three poignant and moving conversations between Habib, Shaiful Islam and RA Hassan with their families.

They speak simply, homesick and longing barely masked in their voice.

They talk about the most mundane, and share in these interviews their concerns, what their families are like, and why they ended up so far away from home.

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Here’s what home sounds like.

Watch ‘Existence’ by Jeanette Lim, Yap Jun Hua, Audrey Woon & Wallace Woon on Viddsee:

Bangladesh is the sixth largest labour exporting country with a migrant population. Over 90% of those who leave home are men [source].

Collectively, the money they send back home is so significant that it’s a key driver of economic growth.

‘Existence’ is part of our Singapore Short Cuts channel on Viddsee.

Here’s a dramatic short film about an unlikely friendship between migrants in Singapore. Watch ‘Tightrope’ on Viddsee.

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