This Guy Ran Out Of The Woods With The Strangest Request


Skateboard OG gif1

A mysterious guy in a ill fitting toupée bursts out of a field harassing a guy, indignantly demanding for his skateboard for an emergency.

He’s desperate but may have come across as being impolite. The skateboarder doesn’t take it lightly.

Skateboard OG SS2

Dramatics ensue. It’s a standoff.

They begin furious negotiations for the skateboard, hurling arguments violently at each other.

Skateboard OG SS3

When the mysterious guy finally glides away into a glorious twilight, his mystic falls apart.

Or does it?

Watch ‘Skateboard Old Guy’ by Kenichi Arai (Japan) on Viddsee:

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Kenichi’s short film screened at the 5-Minute Movie Grand Prix at the Fukuoka Independent Film Festival and has won awards at Old Town Taito International Comedy Film Festival in Tokyo and The Rider Film Festival in Australia.

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