When You Face Your Fears Head-on, You Allow Yourself To Learn And Grow


It is a known truth that our past shapes who we are. As we hold on to these experiences that we have, there will come a time when we realise some hard truths. Facing our challenges head-on is the only way to allow ourselves to move forward.

Is it easier said than done? Perhaps most of us have all been there.

In this film ‘Dam’ (Checkers), Mat Noh and Chiam show that saying goodbye will never be easy. Be it bidding that last farewell to your long-time checkers buddy or to let go of your old self.

Dam 2.jpg
Mat Noh and Chiam’s friendship is an epitome of Kampung spirit brotherhood from those good old days

Mat Noh and Chiam have built a strong bond over those countless games of checkers. It is definitely an irreplaceable relationship. When Chiam has to migrate overseas due to his daughter’s work relocation, Mat Noh realises how much he misses Chiam in his life.

Dam 3.jpg
Mat Noh is feeling the loss when his best checkers mate is no longer around

Why Is Change So Hard And How Can We Embrace It Better

It took Mat Noh to feel the physical loss of a close friend for him to finally replace his mobile phone. This has also helped him to overcome his reluctance to embrace new technology.

As his daughter teaches him to learn how to use a smartphone, he realizes that his buddy is now just a video call away.

Dam 4.jpg
Switching from a vintage flip phone to a touch-screen smartphone is definitely a big leap in Mat Noh’s life

Change can be hard in the beginning. Psychologically speaking, there are reasons for our reluctance to let go of our past. It creates a sense of loss and our negative-leaning minds will come up with all sorts of “what-ifs” to prepare us for worst case scenarios.

We just need to be aware of how we can help ourselves to embrace change.

Your Past Shapes, But Does Not Define You

When we look at life only as it is, we are not seeing the true potential of what it could be.

For many seniors like Mat Noh, the whole mobile technology orientation process can be painful. Once he put behind his old technophobic self then only he realizes how technology can keep him connected to the important people in his life.

Dam 5.jpg
With the help of technology, this best buddy duo is now back ‘online’ to their checkers game days. What’s even better is now they can do it anytime, anywhere!

When You Are Up For Challenges

So what happens when you say you’re game? As cliche as the saying goes, “When you say yes, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”.

If you were Mat Noh, would you let distance pose a challenge to your friendship with Chiam? Or would you take this chance to make yourself do something and let distance become nothing?

When you truly want something, there will be no obstacles or hurdles big enough to overcome. And that was exactly what happened to Mat Noh, who never would have thought how technology can spruce up his life in the most unimaginable way.

Watch ‘Dam’ (Checkers) by Raihan Halim (Singapore) on Viddsee:

This film ‘Dam’ (Checkers) was made in collaboration with SkillsFuture Singapore.

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