Happy Moments Shouldn’t Leave An Aftertaste Of Cruelty


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This is the most conventional of current day romances: woman meets man, they fall in love, they commit to share their lives with each other.

This tale is told through painted frames of ceramic spoons at a wedding banquet dinner setting. It imitates a flipbook-like animation as the story progresses as the lazy susan spins.

Acres Tools of Destruction SS3

But there’s blood on their hands.

This is a consumer and educational awareness campaign for the charitable organisation Animal Concerns Research & Education Society on the perils of shark finning.

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This short film was made for Acres by Ogilvy & Mather Singapore. The 3D animation was produced by Crave Fx; the 2D by Harry Zhuang, Henry Zhuang and Elena Yeo of Weaving Clouds. It won the Gold Spike award for the Charity and Fundraising Category at the creative advertising festival Spikes Asia.

Here’s another initiative on sharks and conservation in Lombok, Indonesia. Watch ‘For Sharks’ Sake, Take A Vacation’ on Viddsee

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