Faking A Hostage Situation To Impress A Girl Almost Always Never End Well


Cafe I Love You SS1 KRK

Terry isn’t good with the ladies.

Asking women out is always a challenge and his best mates have witnessed all his misfortunes.

Cafe I Love You SS2 KRK

But Terry has a new love interest, a mysterious “femme fatale” from the café that his friend owns. Terry thinks he might know how to ask her out. He wants to set up an elaborate hoax with his friends to impress her and end up being the hero who saves the day.

His friends think it’s a stupid idea, but they still tolerate his stupidity and go with the plan.

This is how it blows up in their faces.

Watch ‘Cafe I Love You’ by Alistair Quak (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Alistair’s short film was included in the Short Film Corner official selection at the Cannes Film Festival and is part of our Filmmakers @ DFT channel on Viddsee.

Here’s another awesome short film from the channel, about a girl who finally finds the most honest person on earth. Watch ‘The Lying Theory’ on Viddsee


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