A Falling Moon Splits A Mother Into Two In This Animation


Falling Moon SS2 KRK

A young mother has the biggest decision of her life ahead: keep her baby or give it up.

In this Taiwanese animated short, the moon falls out of the sky and splits her into two.

Falling Moon SS3 KRK

The part of her that wants to give the baby up wakes up in the life would have if she kept it.

She looks on as the other half feeds, nourishes, and raises the baby singlehandedly, showing her the work in store for her as well as the rewards.

In the end, what does she decide to do?

Watch ‘Falling Moon’ by Wang WeiXiu (Taiwan) on Viddsee:

This animated film by Wang WeiXiu tackles familiar themes of family, choice and regret. It has been nominated for best student film in festivals in Taiwan and Switzerland.

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