In This Family, Every Scar Is A Proud Memory




Grandpa Lee is a roadside cobbler. His grandson, Jarrett Lee, is a student who sails competitively. At first glance, this grandfather and grandson duo have very different activities. Scratch beneath the surface, this duo burns with a similar fighting spirit.



Jarrett and Grandpa Lee are both covered in wounds and scars. Injuries are commonplace in sailing, and Grandpa Lee works with sharp blades. But they shrug it off. These scars are reminders of challenges faced without backing off. The key is the fortitude to keep on going.


Grandpa Lee had a tough childhood but maintains the belief that success is always within grasp. That is if one shows the willingness to work hard, endure all pains, and fearlessly chase his dreams.


It is a belief he has passed down the family tree. Never be ashamed of your scars. They represent your journey.

Watch Episode 2 of Visible Scars, Invisible Strength: Grandp’s Words by Ng Yiqin (Singapore):

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