A Girl Gets Harassed In A Crowded Bus. Everyone Else: Watches On.


When Fadzlie Musthafa SS2 KRK

This is stressful to watch only because we know it to be true.

There’s nothing more important than what’s important to you. This young man treks through town, pleading over the phone for leniency.

When Fadzlie Musthafa SS3 KRK

He witnesses a snatch theft, which sparks off a chain reaction of selfishness and crime: a girl being harassed on the bus, a wallet being pick pocketed, an illegal transaction, and guy being hunted down.

It’s the truth: Strangers don’t always help strangers in need.

We chose the lives we lead, and sometimes, we deserve this horror.

Watch ‘When?’ by Fadzlie Musthafa (Malaysia) on Viddsee:

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Fadzlie’s film screened at Drama Festival Kuala Lumpur Shorties, Segi Malaysia Day Video Competition and MyHarapan Short Film in Malaysia.

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