Fate Played A Cruel Card On This Retired Grandfather


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Dukman lived out his autumn years alone, and the only joy in his life is his grandson.

He welcomed his son’s widow, Sanghee, when she dropped by for an unscheduled visit, purchasing food, toys and a small sum of money for his grandson. There was a spring in his step and a smile on his face.

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But Sanghee had unexpected and awkward news. Years after her husband’s death, she had moved on. And she, too, was moving on with his grandson.

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It was a blow to Dukman, even if he tried to shrug off.

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He could give his life’s possessions to his grandson, and all that was precious was taken from him.

Fate does play a cruel card on him, but as the story unravels, it had one last surprise at his door.

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‘Ordinary Afternoon’ travelled to film festivals in Spain, Korea, Canada, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

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