Fate Won’t Always Be Kind, But There Will Always Be Kindness If You Seek It


Vidiyal SS4

Losing one’s parents is a reality we all have to face, eventually. It’s harsh. Harsher if it happens in early life, like for Kayal in this short film.

Fate isn’t always kind, but there’s kindness if we reach out for it.

In Vidiyal (‘dawn’), Kayal reaches out to Anjalai, an elderly lady who sells vegetables at the stall next to her late father’s.

Kayal lost both her parents in over three years, and she feels lonely and lost in the world. Her world has come crashing down, and she is unable to piece it back together on her own.

Vidiyal SS3

The stall at the market seems to be all she has to her name. Or has she also found a new friend, strength, and hope?

Watch ‘Vidiyal’ by Nooraini Shah on Viddsee:

‘Vidiyal’ was the 1st Runner up in the Best Film Category and the Best Acting Ensemble Award in Vasantham Short Film Competition, organised by Mediacorp in Singapore.

Here’s another film, ‘Monster’ by Rina Tsou, about a schoolgirl who lied to be with the “in” kids.

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