A Father Does Something Drastic When His Family Become Strangers To Him


Closer Apart SS2

He’s the father, the head of the family. But everyone’s ignoring him.

This could be a picture perfect family: a father and his homely wife, their children, and a sweet granddaughter. But something’s not right.

His family ignores his gestures of concern and love, they are so taken by their worries and busy lives.

Closer Apart SS3

It’s a sad place to be, alone, slighted, and realising that you’ve become a stranger to your family.

On the eve of Chinese New Year, he decides to do something that made perfect sense to him — but was a rude wake up call to his family.

Closer Apart SS4

His family comes to realise that absence does make the heart fonder, but it was probably a lesson they did not have to learn the hard way.

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This film was made by Jason Lee and his teenage friends at the Nanyang Junior College, under the mentorship of two film production houses. Check out these production photos.

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