Are elderly parents a burden to their children? An inconvenience?


Most people consider it offensive if you don’t care for your parents in their old age. It’s pretty much unheard of in Asian society. What about reluctance? Or indifference?

Watch ‘Father and Son’ <<父子>>by The Elderly Gentlemen team (Singapore):

As a seemingly indifferent son cares for his aging father, the old man thinks back to the time when he was the one caring for the boy. Eventually, the father realises how much his grumpy son genuinely cares for him.

‘Father and Son’ <<父子>> by David Liem was a shortlisted films at the 2013 Cathay Motion Picture Awards, a competition is organised by Cathay Organisation. For its 78th anniversary, it featured 78-second films in competition, all produced in under 78 hours.

This year is their 79th anniversary! Registration closes 14 May for this year’s competition.

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