This Father-To-Be Is In Danger Of Losing His Job



Sanjay and Divya relocated to Singapore six months ago from India for his work.

The move has not been the smoothest of journeys for the married couple.


At his IT consultancy job, Sanjay faces continuous pressure from a hostile boss. His company is also facing cutbacks and it was made clear to him that he is the first on the chopping block.


Divya, on the other hand, battles with loneliness in the foreign country. Away from her family and with a husband engrossed with work, she has to fend for herself when things in the household go awry.


Everything comes to a head when Divya finds out that she’s pregnant and Sanjay learns that he’s been let go.

Can they find a future and build a home in Singapore?

Watch ‘Sanjay’ by K. Rajagopal (Singapore) on Viddsee:

Directed by K. Rajagopal, ‘’Sanjay’ is inspired by the winning logline from Sean Loo, one of the winners in the Lapis Sagu Film Contest. The short film is part of ‘Together Apart’, an anthology of three short films from Project Lapis Sagu, a crowdsourced film initiative on cultural diversity and social integration presented by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI).

View the other two companion films here: The Manifest & Beijing, Mumbai, Tampines.

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