A Father’s Unhappy Birthday Is Viddsee Shortee Feb 2017


A Day ss5 krk.jpg

It’s a special day for Sangjun. The day began with a spirited enthusiasm, a celebratory mood. He’s going to make a birthday dinner.

He fussed over recipes, ingredients, and pottered around his home.

With everything prepped, he waits expectantly for his children to arrive.

A Day ss4 krk.jpg

But he’s unexpectedly let down.

A Day ss3 krk.jpg

It was a birthday to remember — loneliness will always be hard to swallow.

Watch ‘A Day’ by Dongwook Kim (South Korea) on Viddsee:

Producer: Suwon Studio 98, Yoo Song Ho
Director & Editor: Kim Dong Wook
Cast: Myeong Gye Nam
Director of Photography: Kang Ye Sum
Director of Lighting: Lim Chul Hoon
Production Designer: Choi Ji Yeong
Sound: Park Sang Hyeob
Music: Lee Seo Young

‘A Day’ was the most-watched, most-loved short film last month, and it’s our Feb Viddsee Shortee!

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