When Life Hits You With Hardships, How Do You Fight Back?


No one knows when life is going to take that unexpected twist. How do you make sure that you are resilient enough to bounce back when adversity hits?

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Here are the unspoken rules of society; most of us get a job, get paid, get married and eventually begin to raise their own family. All that requires a fair bit of hard work and effort.

If you are well onto that track and think that you have gotten your life all sorted out, think again.

Still from The Unbroken
The family visits the late husband and father

No one can predict how life will turn out. Take the example of this family in this short film, ‘The Unbroken’. Faced with challenges that could tear a family apart, an irrepressible fighting spirit flowed in their veins.

Luckily, they have an exemplary figure to look up to. Their late husband and father was someone who never wavered, not even under the most difficult situations.

Still from The Unbroken
The late father sings and dances with his son even after a loan shark’s warning

This family remembers the old man mostly by his spirit of never giving up. He had also always found ways to render all bitterness sweet. He even ‘invented’ a birthday cake out of a huat-kueh (Chinese steamed muffin that literally means ‘Prosperity Cake’) when the family was too poor to afford a real one.

Still from The Unbroken
A family photo with the dearly missed father and husband

The impact of having a positive mindset

While the late father in this story has shown us that a positive attitude helps get you through difficult times, science assures us that this is true.

Studies have shown that the happiest people somehow know how to keep life’s inevitable tragedies from spoiling the good stuff.

Another study also revealed there are tons of benefits for positive thinking people. It includes increased life span, greater resistance to the common cold, better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease, to name a few.

Still from The Unbroken
Look! Positivity can be our lifeline!

But if you tend to be pessimistic, don’t despair.

You can learn how to think positively with these tips from the experts –

  1. Simply smile more: even fake smiling reduces heart rate and blood pressure!
  2. Practice reframing: instead of stressing over something you can’t change, accept it. Then appreciate how you can still learn and enjoy something out of the situation.
  3. Build resilience: it includes building a good relationship with your family. Also to identify areas to improve and take action on them.

With that being said, it doesn’t mean that positivity alone can make one bulletproof in the face of whatever calamity that might strike in life.

Still from The Unbroken
The family look on in horror when tragedy hits

Even if you want to make lemonade with the lemons you were given, you’d need a juicer. It’d certainly help your lemonade making much easier.

To be truly unbroken, besides a positive mindset, you will need to gather all the support you need. Just like the protagonist in this film, embrace all the help you may need so you stay a fighter when adversity strikes.

Watch ‘The Unbroken’ by Roslee Yusof (Singapore) on Viddsee now:

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