The First Love She Lost Was A Painful One. It Was Grandma.


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There was grandma, and then there was her.

Grandma was battling an illness, but in her mind she was still helping grandma with the laundry, watching birds fly by, loving the little gifts and sketches she made for her.

But slowly, the shadows came, and grandma became less of herself.

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The shadows came for grandma, and the wind took her away.

She sat down, saddened, alone with an overwhelming grief. She tried to hold on, then learnt to let go.

Her first love was lost, but she’ll learn to dance with the wind again.

Watch ‘Oma’ by Karolien Raeymaekers on Viddsee BUZZ:

‘Oma’ won the Audience Award for Best Belgian Animated Short at the International Shortfilm Festival Leuven, and Jury Award for Best Belgian Short at Sundance Channel Shorts London.

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