Dad May Be Gone, But He Delivered One Last Gift, Wrapped In A Mystery


First Drop Cellad Still 3

A young apprentice tries to bring life to a harsh and parched wasteland, working out of an abandoned workshop.

It’s a lonely, depressing scene.

First Drop Cellad Still 10

He has no clue on how to work the rain-making machine his father left behind, except that a broken mechanical bird is the key to the whole machine.

First Drop Cellad Still 12

He draws deep within himself to re-learn the lessons his father taught him.

Watch ‘First Drop’ by Lee Kok Wei & Jaze Phua (Singapore) on Viddsee:

‘First Drop’ was directed by Lee Kok Wei and Jaze Phua. It won the top award at Singapore’s Crowbar Awards, three Gold awards in and Film Craft (Art Direction), 3D Animation, Film Craft (Animation), and a Silver award in Film Craft (Directing).

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