Five 80-Yr-Old Daredevil Bikers Rode 1000km To Honour A Dead Friend


Dream Rangers SS1 FI

It shouldn’t take a bunch of octogenarians to remind you to live for your dreams. Based on a true story, five elderly men overcome their age and physically challenges to pay tribute to a dead friend.

Dream Rangers SS6

The plan: a road trip around Taiwan, in 13 days. The challenge: their ages average at 81. One of them has cancer, three suffer from heart disease; one is partially deaf. All of them have degenerative arthritis.

Dream Rangers SS7

But they’re not delusional. The prep work takes six months, working out, getting back into shape, fixing their bikes.

Dream Rangers SS3

Together, they travel over a thousand kilometres. They take a trip down memory lane — their youth, their heydays, celebrating their friendship and their dreams.

Watch ‘Dream Rangers’ by Ogilvy Taiwan for TC Bank:

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Although this production was part of a series for a bank, this heartwarming tale about making the most of your life has made its rounds over the years for its inspirational message. WSJ reports that the real team comprised ten people, two of whom are women (not just five men as featured in the ad).

The man who hit on the table, declaring the challenge, was based on a real character. He died before the commercial aired.

Our takeaways: Don’t wait until you’re 80 to live your dreams. And, just dreaming doesn’t achieve anything. Prepping, working out and training hard, counts too!

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