Five Children, Five Religions, Five Prayers, Five Beautiful Faces In Worship


Five ss4

Have you ever wondered how other people pray?

Sivanya, Lonke, Daigo, Yaseen and Eli journey from their homes to the worship halls in their communities — Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Jewish and Muslim places of worship.

Five ss1

They have vastly different practices, and in this short documentary captured by the filmmaking duo The Mercandantes, the colour, sound and diversity is a real riot and pleasure to the senses.

It’s a real joy to watch them in their daily rituals, and then to arrive at their destination.

Five ss2

The richness of this journey culminates in a stunning moment.

They bow their heads, eyes closed, in prayer.

Five ss3

In this silence, and when with God, you realise that they’re not much different from each other.

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