Emotional Living Is Important. Watch This Inspiring Documentary.


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“A good cry recharges you.”

“I care less about possessions. Relationships matter more.”

“I was learning another level of friendship that I hadn’t experienced at that point.”

“I think we should have spent more time with Ollie… but… we just didn’t have the time.”

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Here’s an inspiring claymation documentary about emotional living and what matters in life.

Five real people share what it means to lose something precious, about grieving, and what it taught them about life.

They are: Dan ‘Spangle’ Michael (as a Boston Terrier) on the death of both his parents, Dana Katz (a spider) on how her best friend hung herself, Andrew O’ Sullivan (a grasshopper) on losing his leg after a motorcycle accident and becoming a Paralympian, and Sarah de Vos and Alex de Vos (baby vegetables) on losing their pet bunny.

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‘Good Grief’ screened at 19 festivals worldwide and won numerous awards. Written, directed and animated by Fiona Dalwood, and inspired by the loss of her mother to cancer. More on Fiona here.

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