The Floating Island’s Resident Sea Monster Wasn’t Just A Legend


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Ma lived an idyllic life on The Floating Island with his group of friends, Hippo, Qing Qing and his nemesis Xiao Xiong.

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They roamed out in the open and answered adventure’s every beckoning.

Their mystery of the day was connected to a folk legend and an unoccupied by locked toilet stall. They were convinced that the two were connected.

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Consulting the town’s know-it-all for answers, the four scaled towering rocks by the beach and traipsed around an abandoned house to find more clues.

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They braved danger and ultimately found their way home.

But like time and tide, the familiar place and people would just be a memory, fading slowly away like The Floating Island.

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Watch ‘The Floating Island’ by Lu Chuan (Hong Kong) on Viddsee:

Lu Chuan’s short film won the Best Director Award at the 21st Beijing College Student Film Festival.

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