She Found The Key To A Hidden Pleasure In This Mysterious Hotel


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Forced to spend a night in a hotel with a bagful of groceries, Alice, a celebrity TV cook, is anxious about tomorrow night’s dinner party.

There’s a key ingredient for tomorrow’s dessert that she’s yet to hunt down — saffron. It’s all she had on her mind.

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If there was something odd at Clove Hotel, Alice pretended to not notice. The reception had recommended a special suite, Room 55, but she had no interest in such matters.

But as the night progressed, and as she tried to unwind, the delights of the hotel and its occupants were revealed.

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There was more under this woman than she thought she knew, and she had the key, all along.

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Dessert was served, and it was all pleasure.

A secret pleasure.

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Room 55 was written and directed by Rose Glass as her graduation film at the National TV and Film School in London. More on the production here.

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